About Us

How are we Different?

Orbis is a well-reputed travel agency in the UK. Think of us as a one-stop solution to all your travel needs. Whether you are looking for affordable flights to Ibiza or a relaxing getaway in Cuba, we offer the best value-for-money deals for European as well as global destinations!

We have exclusive deals with agencies within the travel industry, so our prices are updated in real-time. This means that our site is among the top few that can give you the lowest prices, the best locations and the best deals at any given time.

Our experts work round-the-clock to find you good holiday destinations with affordable rates for accommodations, packages, and tours.

Orbis is a portal that serves you the best deals. Stop wasting time browsing through hundreds of travel sites and let your vacation be a relaxing, comfortable no-brainer.

Travel First, Pay Later

When you book your flight, hotel and transfer altogether with Orbis we cannot access your money until you have enjoyed your holiday and returned home.

We send our customers’ cash into the UK trust account (flights paid upfront) that can only be accessed after your holiday is over. Most travel agencies do not do this! Infact, even if anything happens to the business, you will still be guaranteed 100% access your money to pay for your holiday.

Staggered Payments to suit your needs

With Orbis, you get to book great deals instantly and pay for the remainder of your holiday in installments. With deposits starting as low as £50 per person, you can make your final payment as late as two weeks before your departure.

Custom-built holiday Packages

Orbis offers you plenty of options to search for affordable, one-of-a-kind holidays. With our first-class compliance and partnerships, our goal is to offer the most competitive prices in the travel market. we pride ourselves on our comprehensive price comparisons. Orbis helps you organize your holiday plans from start to finish – all within the right budget. All you have to worry about is how you’re going to enjoy yourself!.

Round the clock Support

Don’t worry about those last-minute queries. Our travel experts are available Monday through Sunday to address any concerns. Trained executives are ready at any given time to solve your problems with ease and offer you the best solutions for a comfortable, stress-free trip.